Saturday, August 25, 2007


Obwohl es auf der Heimfahrt Schwierigkeiten gab, waren Erich und ich trotzdem gut drauf:  the 8 hour flight from Frankfurt to Washington, DC was longer, because we were unable to land due to storms, so we took a detour to Harrisburg, PA to refuel then headed back to Washington, where we landed two hours late and missed our flight to Syracuse.  Much chaos reigned in the airport with many connections missed.  We ended up staying the night in a Hilton for half price - Eric loved the bed. Note his new sweater - bought in Warnemünde from a Puppen-Pulli peddler. 

The next morning we got up early to try to get a flight home on standby.  Here again, many frustrated and angry people waiting and equally as many sleeping.
we made on our trip the following connections:
Rostock to Hamburg by train.
Bus to Hamburg Airport.
Flight from Hamburg to Frankfurt.
Flight from Frankfurt to Harriburg, PA.
Flight from Harrisburg, PA to Washington, DC.
Bus from Dulles Airport to Hotel in Washington.
Bus from Hotel to Dulles Airport.
Flight from DC to Syracuse.
Mom picked us up and brought us to Fayetteville, where my car waited for me to drive home to Cazenovia.
It was a long 30-something hours of travel.  But I expect in comparison to many of my colleagues who had even farther distances to go, our trip was still pretty tolerable!

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