Sunday, October 7, 2007

Eric's Twin Brother Arrives!

Sunday, October 7

Eric has been looking a little worn out lately, and I decided it was time to prepare for the future.  Back to Ebay and England’s dwindling supply of the yellow fellow, but sure enough there were four or five siblings up for sale.  His brother arrived a week ago, packaged in an interesting manner.

Despite the seemingly reckless shipping materials, Twin Eric did arrive safe and sound.  He is distinctly different from his brother - namely, his smile is much more Mona Lisa and he seems rather introspective.  Here is is arrival - you can see the tentativeness in his eyes.

Still, this should make this year’s crop of projects more doable, with 20 students in the class and now two guys with whom the most brave will spend time grocery shopping, trolling the mall, or not grinding at the prom.

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